August 25, 2017

Mohsen Jafari, Rutgers



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Meet the Speakers: Mohsen Jafari and Ali Maher

Session: Infrastructure Readiness for Emerging Transportation Technologies



Mohsen Jafari, PhD, Chair of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rutgers

Mohsen A. Jafari is Professor and Chair of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Rutgers University. He has thirty years of academic experience, over ten years of leadership experience as director of several major research programs, twenty-three years of technical and management consulting experience, and three years as the head of Industrial and Systems Engineering. He has helped secure over $23.0M R&D funding from the US government agencies and industry in R&D topics relating to automation sciences and engineering with applications in energy, transportation and manufacturing. His work has led to 120 refereed publications, over 100 invited and contributed presentations and several technology innovations. He actively collaborates with universities and national labs in the US and abroad, and has been supervisor to twenty-seven PhD. theses and seven post-doctoral programs. He is a member of IEEE, and was recipient of the IEEE excellence award in service and research and two Transportation Safety Awards.




Infrastructure Readiness for Emerging Transportation Technologies

Self-driving, ride-sharing and transportation electrification are poised to drastically change mobility and safety and supporting infrastructure. In macro level, the best will combine shared mobility, autonomy, and electrification with integrated public transport, energy systems, and multi-modal infrastructure. In micro level, cities will navigate these possibilities differently and will adopt solutions that optimize according to local conditions, such as population density, wealth, the state of road and public-transit infrastructure, pollution and congestion levels, and local governance capabilities. Clearly, the current infrastructure cannot support a massive transformation from where we are now to the time of massive adoption of electric self-driving vehicles or to when ride-sharing needs to be integrated to other modes of transportation. This talk will focus on issues concerning US infrastructure readiness for these transformations, with focus on transportation safety and mobility, and briefly touching upon the dependencies between different infrastructures.

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