August 29, 2017

Ian Gray



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Meet the Speaker: Ian Gray

Session: Welsh Water – A SMART Strategy


Ian Gray, Global Water Asset Management Lead, Arup

Ian currently leads the Global Water Asset Management skills at Arup. Based in the UK he has worked extensively in consultancy for over 30 years in many sectors and is currently the Chair of the Institute of Asset Management UK. Ian has built his experience during a number of senior roles including; Entec, Water Business Unit Director, EC Harris, Partner, Grontmij, Regional Director. He has a wealth of experience in the water sector and has presented at many conferences around the world in Water and Asset Management Issues.


Welsh Water – A SMART Strategy

Governments and regulators globally are setting water companies a significant challenge to become more resilient, in response to global mega-trends such as climate and demographic change. That challenge is made more complex by customer and shareholder pressure on water companies to lean their investment and risk management strategies towards the mitigation of familiar shock events, such as flooding and drought, rather than newer, high-impact, low-likelihood events. Arup has developed a framework based on global best practice to assist Welsh Water (WW) in creating a business strategy for the next 35 years that mitigates the risks posed by shocks and stresses both old and new.

As a key part of the 35 year strategy 14 strategic responses were developed with one those being a Smart Water Business. With the opportunity to capitalise on technological advances, they plan to improve the service performance and resilience of our assets through remote sensing, data analysis and automation, solving problems before they happen.

The presentation outlines development of a SMART water business Strategy explaining the key themes that have been developed: Decision Making, Performance, Customers and Stakeholders and Resilience.

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