October 16, 2017


Step inside your project at the Evening Networking Event at ARUP’s HQ

The Smart Infrastructure program will continue nearby at Arup’s ExperienceLab. The ExperienceLab enables owners and designers to step inside their project in the early design phases, to see the design and to experience how options may impact occupant engagement. Immersing in the space, users can self-direct walkthroughs of the virtual space, investigating sight lines, layouts, shaping changes, lighting options and relationships between components. Adding this to Arup’s Acoustic immersion tool, the SoundLab, enables Arup to provide a detailed 3D sensory experience tool, that design teams can utilize to better explore and evaluate possibilities through the common language of sensory engagement.

Arup are hosting this reception along with your tour of the ExperienceLab in association with the Asset Management Smart Infrastructure workshop. Please join us for an evening of drinks, food, and stimulating conversation. In addition, we will have a few demonstrations on display for attendees to experience.

Join us for an exciting virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for infrastructure demo, refreshments, food and great networking and conversation at 77 Water Street.