August 25, 2017

Alan Kiraly



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Meet the Speaker: Alan Kiraly

Keynote: Your Digital Strategy Realized in the New Age of Connected Data


Alan Kiraly - Digital Strategy 

Alan Kiraly, Senior Vice President, Asset Performance, Bentley Systems

Alan joined Bentley in 2010 following Bentley’s acquisition of Enterprise Informatics, where he served as CEO. Alan was named senior vice president, asset performance in 2016. He leads Bentley’s Asset Performance Advancement Team, which is responsible for the development, marketing, service, support, and business development of offerings for improving asset performance. His prior roles with Bentley include senior vice president of server products, asset performance and vice president of operations, product management. Alan holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Dayton.


Your Digital Strategy Realized in the New Age of Connected Data

Envision your future asset operation, which is a reality for many today, transformed with its data visualization platform and connected data environment. Alan Kiraly, Senior Vice President, Asset Performance at Bentley Systems, shares the digital strategy necessary as we embrace the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) towards more reliable, safer, and more efficient assets and services. With converged sensors, instrumentation, controls and assets, this new age of connected data demands that information is delivered in context to support timely well informed decisions.  See examples of a true connected data environment to fully realize the BIM potential, from CAPEX and for continuous benefits throughout the OPEX lifecycle. The potential of connecting technology is being realized for its potential to meet business objectives. Advance your digitalization strategy because small steps today can transform your business.

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