Letter from Steve Sinkoff

Our mission over the last few years has been to work closely with our communities to consider how we approach the new and transforming digital economy. Although it is all around us and happening fast, now is the time to become proactive and to be in the sweet-spot of the curve in order to take advantage of the many benefits. The Smart Infrastructure Forum in New York City is the perfect starting point for that journey. The early adapters have proven this is here to stay, and will drive everything around us, so it’s vital not to put yourself into a reactive mode to compete.  That means to begin your trek now, and align with those early adapters who can share the experiences they have garnered.

For the last twelve years, my team and I at Go2Learn have been producing dynamic, real-world, and interactive business conferences for thousands of attendees from hundreds of companies and dozens of industries around the world. Our emphasis is on the strategy, culture, process and technology challenges that organizations are experiencing. We build content and community around those issue areas and bring together key thought-leaders, subject-matter experts, executives, line-of-business leaders and key software and solution providers to share their experiences.

The reality of smart infrastructure is here, and organizations and cities can take advantage of the most progressive technologies to enhance transportation services, energy efficiency, water and wastewater management, security, environmental health and safety and sustainability… but are the paths to success clearly identified, are the use-cases available for a true understanding of what is working and what benchmarks are in place?  Are approaches mature enough to invest in now, or is the best strategy to wait and see? Are the benefits real or perceived?

I personally invite you to join our (r)evolution to change business as usual, and together, let’s learn the possibilities to drive efficiency.


Steve Sinkoff
Founder, Go2Learn

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